Kurraa Jarsso Diddo, Borana Abba Gadda (traditional king) who resides in Ethiopia made his maiden visit to Marsabit and Isiolo accompanied by his predecessor Guyo Goba, who left office four years ago.

The 71st Abba Gadda, who reigns over the dominant Oromia southern regions that stretches from upperAddis-Abba to the Kenya’s border, made a visit to Marsabit County where he was welcomed by Marsabit leaders, including Governor Mohamud Ali in Moyale before visitingIsiolo were he was  welcomed by GovernorMohamed Kuti (Isiolo), MPs Hassan Oda (Isiolo North), Abdi Koropu (Isiolo South) and Rehema Dida Jaldesa (Isiolo Woman Rep), County Speaker HusseinGolicha Jarso and MCAs from Isiolo and Marsabit.

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“The Abba Gadda has come here because of a wave of democracy between our countries,” he said in Isiolo.

“We were restricted to visit each other due to boundaries created by colonial governments, but we are still one people,” he added.

He rules from where his royal throne rests in Yabello-Ethiopia, to all regions of Borana speaking Kenyans, who he met in Marsabit, then Isiolo.

He said since the two states shied from political interference, they should cooperate on social, cultural and educational fronts.