PICTURE: Ethiopian refugees in Somare Camp in Moyale during their first arrival.
March 26, 2018
MARSABIT, KENYA: A serious refugee situation has been reported in Moyale after thousands of Ethiopian nationals fled their homes due to the ongoing conflicts in their country. The refugees who are mostly women and children have set camp in the border town of Moyale over the past few weeks.
Reports in the area have emerged that the situation in Ethiopia is far from stabilizing as the numbers continue to rise by the day. The total number of refugees is estimated at 15000 increasing from 8500 in a span of two weeks.
Marsabit County Governor Muhammad Ali visited the refugee’s camps in Moyale and assured them support from his government and other aid agencies that are already on the ground.
“We have formed a special committee to monitor situation in this camps and their main role is to work with aid agencies in registration process and ensure that everyone receive necessary support” Said Governor Ali.
Unknown source revealed that two refugees had died in one of the camps due to starvation and this has raise fear among the asylum seekers who in various camps in Moyale border town.
Somare one of the camps has an estimate 9000 refugees while Damballa Fachana has about 6000 as at the time of this report.