PICTURE: Residents fleeing the flooded village, North Horr.

Monday 19th March 2018

Marsabit County-Heavy rains reported in most parts of the county have come with a fair share of suffering for some residents of Marsabit County.

Several families have been trapped in the middle of floods as Lagh Balal, a seasonal river originating from Southern Ethiopia burst its banks.

Efforts have been made by the county government to air lift hundreds of residents living in Balal, Ayole and Kalkile villages to higher grounds.

Maikona MCA Buke Diba said the situation is dire as he called for urgent intervention from the Non- governmental organisations in the area.

The residents who lost most of their livestock to the severe drought that preceded these rains are still counting their loses as 250 herds of cattle, 300camels and over 3000 goats and sheep have died due to the floods.

Marsabit County deputy governor Solomon Gubo who led the evacuation in the area confirmed that the Marsabit-North Horr road is completely cut off making any efforts to supply the residents with more food futile.

The residents of Chalbi confirmed that the heavy down pour of such kind was last received over four decades ago.