PICTURE: The displaced persons from Ethiopia now hosted in Moyale Town, Kenya (Picture Courtesy of Kenya Red Cross)
March 13th 2018
Marsabit, Kenya- Over 2,000 Ethiopian asylum have arrived in Moyale Town,Kenya following their displacement from Ethiopia according to The Kenya Red Cross Society (KRCS).
The group of asylum seekers began to enter Kenya’s side on Saturday, 10th March 2018 at around 10 PM and majority of them being women and children following between the government forces and the residents.

Sources reported that at least 16 people have been killed and scores injured following the confrontation that lasted for hours on Oromiya region of southern Ethiopia.
The displaced persons are hosted in four centers in Moyale namely Butiye, Somare,Cifa and Sessi as they wait for tension to ease on there country.
Kenya Red Cross officers are on the ground to assist the immigrants and they have issued them with family kits (Tarpaulins, Kitchen sets, Mosquito nets, Bar soaps, Thermal Blankets and Jerrycans), which were distributed among the displaced families.

More support was in form of Inter-Agency Emergency Health Kits (Basic Unit, Supplementary Unit and Malaria Kit) and reproductive health kits (Kit 2A).
A medical team of 12 people was further dispatched consisting of Nurses, Clinical Officers, Public Health Officers, as well as Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Officers.
In an interview,Marsabit County deputy governor Solomon Gubo said that County government,will support the displaced persons with food and other basic necessities and will support the formation a Sub County Steering Group that aims to effectively address the issue. Rapid assessment is ongoing to establish the specific cross-sector needs.
Marsabit County commissioner Gilbert Kitiyo has urged the residents of Marsabit County to be vigilant with influx of displaced persons who might have different intentions following the attacks from their country.