PICTURE: Marsabit Town engulfed by smoke as youths burn tyres and blockade highway(Photo Courtesy)


Two middle-aged men died in a riot following the arrest of Sheikh Guyo in Marsabit town in a running battle that was witnessed today.

Unconfirmed report says that Sheikh Guyo was arrested by Anti-Terror Police in a suspicion linking him to Al-shabab and he was roughed up shortly after attending his Madrassah class.

Picture: Marsabit Catholic Cathedral Church after youths destroyed it.

After his arrest agitated youths and Madrassah students engaged in running battles with police protesting the return of Sheikh Guyo as they follow him to the police station but later officers drove out of Marsabit Police station leaving behind skirmishes that lasted for more than 5 hours.

Property of unknown value were destroyed by the group of protestors in Marsabit town this includes Marsabit KCB Bank, Marsabit Catholic Church, vehicles belonging to Catholic sisters windows were smashed into pieces and later the crowd turn their anger to bars and clubs as they target non-locals.

Picture: Sheikh Guyo while being arrested by Anti-Terror Police in Marsabit Town(Photo Courtesy)

The aftermath of the chaos were evident all over the county capital after the youths stormed into shops, looted them and torched some buildings and motorcycles.

Picture: Some of the vehicles belonging to Catholic sisters smashed by youths in the church compound.

Journalists were neither spared by rogue youths while covering the riots and their cameras were confiscated and destroyed as they watch.

Marsabit town was in-standstlll for hours until when Merrille GSU officers arrived in an aid for back up to quill the situation and later the team managed to contained the skirmish.

Speaking to Radio Jangwani Marsabit Referral hospital CEO Dr. Abshiro Hapicha confirmed that two young teenagers succumbed to death and 17 others sustained serious injuries.

Dr.Hapicha has urged the residents of Marsabit to volunteer for blood donation inorder to assist the wounded victims as they refer serious cases to Meru county for medical attention.