PICTURE: Marsabit Governor Muhammed Ali briefing with the water experts in his office.

Marsabit Governor Mohammud Ali today met with experts from Northern Water Service Board, Tana Water Service Board and Korean Engineering  Consultant in Reviewing of Marsabit Water supply and Sanitation Project.

The Project is estimated to take a period of 30months ( 2-8-2021) in Sakuu Constituency in order to solve water crisis that lasted for many years around Marsabit Mountain.

PHOTO: Korean Engineering  Consultant giving a review of the project.

According to statistics Marsabit town water demand per Day stands at 4,330 Cubic Meters. By 2027 the demand will 5,474 and by 2030 the demand will be 5,870 Cubic Meters per day. 

Marsabit water and sanitation project aims to improve the lives of the residents by increasing water usage 2-3 times as per the normal ratio.

The tendering Period for the project will end by 1-2-2018 and  Project will be Closed by 1-9-2022 as per the report.

The team of experts presented an over layout and design of the project before the county boss.