Photo:  Marsabit County Governor Mohamud Mohammed Ali addressing the newly elected members of the county assembly.
Governor Mohamed Ali has assured residents of Marsabit County that his government is committed to serving them equally and that his focus is on development agendas for better and prosperous county.
In his address to the newly elected members of county assembly during the official opening of Marsabit county assembly, the governor further promised a fruitful engagement among all arms of the county government.
“I urge all members of this house to focus on key areas like health, education and water in order to change lives of our people in Marsabit County for better,” he said.
Governor Ali also expressed concern that his government has inherited a huge debt amounting to Kes.1billion from the previous government.

The governor asked the county assembly to start normal house business by passing 2017-2018 budgets so as to settle the debt to enable smooth running of the government.
The governor revealed that his government has already received Kes.144 Million from European Union and this will be diverted to fishing industry in the county by building fish processing and refrigeration plant in Loiyangalani as a way to improving the fishing sector.
The County boss also said that the county government has received a further Kes.1.8 Billion from Germany federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and the sum will be directed to improving water sector in county.
He reiterated that his government is further committed to improving health standard by investing in the health sector.
“I know our people are suffering due to inadequate medical facilities and our hospitals are under staffed, we will transform Marsabit County referral as teaching and referral centre so as to bridge the gap in the sector” he said.
According to Governor Ali the previous county has only passed 16 substantive bills and 8 among them will be brought back to house for scrutiny.
Marsabit County Assembly Speaker Mathew Loltome emphasized that members must work together for efficient service delivery for the common good of Marsabit county residents.
The opening of the county assembly sets the stage for the house to officially start executing legislative mandate.