Photo: Marsabit county assembly speaker Matthew Loltome reading his speech.

Marsabit County  assembly speaker was re-elected unchallenged as no other candidate presented papers. Hon. Matthew Loltome was expected to retain his seat after his stellar  performance during his previous tenure and his alignment with the team associated with the new Governor of Marsabit County.  

While delivering his first speech after being sworn in, Loltome issued a directive that will now see the deputy speaker being elected next week arguing that they are in talks with stakeholders before electing the deputy speaker.

‘’Your positive nod to give me this seat unopposed shows the trust you and people of Marsabit County have on me, Mine is to promise you mature collaboration and issue based leadership build on trust, credibility and professionalism for efficient service delivery” Say’s Loltome.

The deputy speaker’s post attracted two candidates; Sora Katelo and Tura Ruru Elema, The speaker was elected unopposed therefore the MCA’s didn’t cast their votes as it was in other county assemblies in the country.

The county assembly will have a total of 30 MCA’s of which 20 members are elected while 10 others were nominated.

Among the 20 elected MCA’s in the county, two were women making political history since the inception of politics in Kenya; Marsabit has never elected a woman to be a leader at that capacity.

“I believe in change and with the fresh blood of leaders in Marsabit County Assembly our focus will be on critical sectors like water, health and education and changing lives of our people is our key agenda” Say’s Loltome.
In a special interview most of the newly elected  MCA’s praised Loltome for his leadership since the previous government and they believe with his wisdom in the house all arms of county government will work smoothly.
Photo: Asunta Galgithele MCA’s Kargi-South Horrible Ward. 
The two elected are Asunta Galgidele from Kargi/South Horr ward on FAP ticket and her counterpart Qabale Huqa from Sololo ward who was elected on a Maendeleo Chap Chap ticket in the just concluded elections.

The county assembly will however have majority of new members since 17 out of 20 elected MCAs are new comers, According to ours sources, the deputy speaker’s post will filled for the sake of regional balance in the vast county. 

It’s not that most of the members in the former county assembly were swept away based on non-performance but its because of new wave of change that we have been yearning for long as residents of Marsabit county” Said Sadia Araru.

Marsabit county is one of the cosmopolitan county having 14 indigenous nomadic tribe and political turmoil has sparked inter-clans conflicts but still it’s rich in cultural diversity.

Members of the county assembly first took oath of the office that was led by the county assembly clerk Mohamud Kamaya.

After Thursday’s swearing in, the focus will now be on the election of Majority and Minority Leaders of the Assembly next week.

Uran ward MCA Halkano Konso was front runner for the Majority Leader slot before the election of the Speaker that saw the re-election of Mathew Loltome.

Reports indicate that he will face other 3 candidates next week in the race when election will be held at the county assembly chambers.

The assembly will resume next week as members will elect the deputy speaker on Tuesday afternoon while on Wednesday morning, new county assembly will be opened officially by the county boss Muhamud Ali.