Photo: Ukur Yattani,Marsabit County Governor during the homecoming ceremony from Kalacha 2 Declaration 2016.
​Statement from Amb. Ukur Kanacho.  
Dear people of Marsabit and Fellow political leaders.
We have enjoyed 5 years of peaceful coexistence. We have resorted to amicable and time tasted means of settling our differences and conflict between our communities. 
As we emerge from the prolonged drought where many communities lost hundreds of thousands of livestock and the rains that swept away the remaining livestock and has not been adequate for crop production. Misguided and scrupulous individuals may resort to archaic ways to improve their economic well-being. We have, as a county moved beyond livestock rustling. 
As we enter into a phase of heightened political campaign fever, emotions are high and careless remarks from jubilant supporters often come to fore. I discourage the residents of Marsabit from divisive debates.
As your chosen leader and someone committed to dilplomatic ways of settling conflict I urge my fellow leaders and political opponents to exercise restraint. Not to use cattle rustling cases as an opportunity to sow seeds of disunity.
In this age of social media, where rumour and propaganda abounds. I ask social media administrators to be agents of peace and to discourage unhealthy disscussions on their platform.
What has happened in Laisamis is unfortunate and in view of the on-going livestock recovery operation, the police needs to excercise restraints and should not victimize innocent residents. I urge the National Government to be extra vigilant. My administration is fully committed and will avail all resources needed to enhance security in the region. 
May Peace, Love and Unity prevail in our county and between our communities.
Peace. Peace. peace.
Amb. Ukur Kanacho
Marsabit Governor