Saturday, 26/05/2017.

Photo: A Turkana tribesman carries his gun in order to protect his cattle from rival Pokot and Samburu tribesmen near Baragoy, Kenya.

Ten people have been killed in Kori Dam,At the border of Isiolo-Marsabit County after a fight between armed Isiolo and Samburu herders over cattle rustling.

The deadly fight started 04:00hours (dawn) and lasted for hours til 2pm as herders from both side exchange heavy gunfire in effort to recover animals stolen three days earlier.

Isiolo County Police Commander Charles Ontita confirmed that three herders have killed and four sustains serious injuries and he said herders are from Barchuma area in  Merti.

In other source Borana leaders from Merti said that the death might more than the above report since also the other side lost herders though unknown.

“In the whilst seven Borana male adults [ages unconfirmed] were shot dead [according to report by MCA Aspirant, Cherab Ward Mr. Abdulrahman Osman”

Following the banditry more than 1,000 animals were stolen by morans believed to have been from Neighboring Samburu County.

“Borana herders from Merti side had gone to the border area to pursue their animals that were stolen at Koya on Wednesday while in search of water and pasture” Say’s Mr Ontita.

The Kori dam area is located in a remote part of Merti nearly 150 Km from Merti and lacks communication.

Security has now been intensified in the area as the security forces join hands to pursue the bandits.