Photo:US Ambassador to Kenya Robert Godec (3rd from right) after visiting Lake Turkana Wind Power Project.
The US government through its development finance institution will join a diverse group of international investors in the project, including the Overseas Private Investment Corporation, Google, and Vestas, which is also supplying the turbines for the wind farm.
Speaking while on an official visit to the site US ambassador Robert Godec said: “We recognised social and economic benefits that this project will bring to this country and we are delighted to be supporting the project to deliver cost effective power to Kenyans.”
“We are making a commitment to invest in Lake Turkana Wind Power Project because it makes financial sense and has the potential to have a massive impact on Kenya’s energy grid, helping to accelerate the deployment of renewable energy in one of the world’s fastest-growing countries. We are joining other investors to help make the Lake Turkana Wind Power Project a reality and accelerate progress toward a future of clean energy.” he added
Marsabit County governor Ukur Yattani lauded the project saying it would go a long way in benefitting the county.
“We are delighted that the project has been awarded sh25b from US government. Lake Turkana has an international reputation for its fantastic arts and culture offer and now the wind power project. This is something we’re keen to maintain and build on for the benefit of all our communities. This funding goes towards a project that will secure local jobs and help support local businesses. My appeal to other leaders is to support this project because it would help our economy to thrive.” he said.
The project is expected to be one of the most efficient wind parks in the world, and have an annual power production of more than 1,400 GWh, which will provide around 15 percent of Kenya’s electricity needs based on current generation capacity.