Marsabit, the country’s second largest county is currently being ravaged by severe drought. Close to 60% of the livestock which include cattle, goats and camels has already been swept by drought.

A burnt carcasses of the dead stock in Balesa,Marsabit County.

Some of the dead animals in Balesa,Marsabit County.

Wako Mocho speaking to Radio Jangwani in Balesa He says they are in dire need of humanitarian aid.

Elderly are among the most affected group,Balesa Area,Marsabit County.

Families are forced to migrate to unknown destination due to the drought crisis in the region.

Abandon wells full of water in Balesa Saru Area in Marsabit County.

A family drawing water from the well,Balesa Saru Area,Marsabit County.

A heap of dead stocks in Dukana,Marsabit County.

A women walk past a heap of dead stocks in Dukana,Marsabit County.

A group of Rendille Women receiving food Aid from a local NGO in Korr,Marsabit County.