Photo: Residents of Hola Turesa in Marsabit County receiving food aid from Sakuu Rural Trust.
Sakuu Rural Trust an indigenous organization based in Marsabit donated food aid to the residents of Marsabit County.
Over 10 tonnes of Maize Meal with net weight of 5Kgs were distributed to residents of Sakuu constituency after drought assessment and the findings showed that thousands of families goes to bed without having something to eat.
The initiative to purchase food for the hunger stricken families comes through a group of youth from Marsabit County who are working in Nairobi.
Speaking to Radio Jangwani in Kubi Qalo Village in Marsabit County the team leader Said Konchore said that they were touched by what we see every day in news that’s why they decided to come up with that initiative.
“You don’t have to give millions for food aid, even skipping supper in your family budget can save lives” Says Konchore.
The food aid was fairy distributed to villages located outskirts of Marsabit Town like Kubi Qalo,kubi baqasa,Hola Turesa and Milima tatu.
The donation worth Ksh 560,000 was received from charitable organisations, including the Rotary and Lions Club in areas greatly affected by drought.