Photo: President Uhuru Kenyatta addressing the residents of Marsabit County at Marsabit Town. 
President Uhuru Kenyatta has finally toured the County today as scheduled.
The president addressed hundreds of county residents who came from across the county to welcome him near Shell petrol station in Marsabit town.
In a brief address the president urged county residents to register in large numbers as voters saying that’s the only way they will be able to elect leaders of their choice.
The President has also directed IEBC to make it easier for county residents who are mainly pastoralist to register by establishing mobile registration centers across the county.
“The new Constitution has devolved a lot of resources to the counties to cater for various developments projects. These resources which have a direct impact on your lives will be managed by the leaders you will choose.
If you elect bad leaders, remember you will have to live with them for the next five years before you can make changes,” said President Kenyatta.
“IEBC must ensure wananchi are registered wherever they are, even at far flanked areas, no economic activity should be disrupted because of on-going exercise.” He added.
The president also directed the chiefs and their deputies to ensure national identification cards are issued to youths.
He has put on notice all Government officials who make it hard for youths to acquire National Identity Cards.
He said Government officials will be subject to harsh penalties if they are found to obstruct the issuance of IDs to rightful applicants.
“The chiefs and deputies, make sure people are issued with IDs. Because you know people in your locality, you only need to give them letters to acknowledge rightful applications.” He said.
On the latest round of starvation to rock the county due to famine the president said his government will realign its budget to double allocations to mitigate the emergency facing residents.
“We’ve plans to add more money to mitigate the drought situation. We will realign our budgets and remove money from areas that are not urgent to save lives,” he said.
About acute water shortage in Marsabit town, the President said his government will allocate more than 1 billion shillings to complete multi-million Badassa dam project.
He further gave stern warning to rogue contractors who plunders public money that strict legal action will be taken against them if they won’t use money they are given wisely.
Initially, the tender to construct Badassa Dam was awarded Midroc Construction Company owned by businessman Mohamed Chute. However, the construction works was stalled following allegations that millions of money from the project was misappropriated.
“We will allocate more money to kick-start the Badassa project which has been delayed. But to the contractors, who are misusing public money, let me warn you early because this time if you don’t live up to the standard you’ll be in trouble.” He said.
The President called upon residents to continue maintaining peace to attain economic stability as county and urged them to avoid divisive politics by politicians for their own political benefit.
“When leaders come seeking votes from you, please don’t allow them to incite you to start fighting one another. Reject such politicians who neither mean well for you or for the country,”  President Kenyatta said, “Don’t allow yourselves to be used as weapons to fight their battles.”
The President promised to come back after a month to launch various development projects.