Photo Credit: Robert Lechipan,Some of the Motorsport cars used in Rhino Charge.

Rhino Charge is an off-road, 4×4 event, with navigational and team work at the centre and will be held in Marsabit between Karare and Kituruni-Songa  at the heart of Songa Conservacy,in Marsabit County on the 3rd of June.

The Motorsport usually a maximum of 65, for 2017 there are 63 competing cars, with minimum of 2 and a maximum of 6 people per car driven at speed limit of 40kph in the bush in squares with 13 competition check points,

The motor cars have 10 hours to visit every one of those checkpoints in any order they want and the vehicle that visits all those does so in the shortest distance within 10 hours is the winner! 0730hrs to 1730hrs.

Over 3,000 people which includes competitors, officials, sponsors and camp staff have already arrived on site inspecting the terrain, cars and camp set up.

Why Songa Conservancy.

Songa conservacy,2017 Rhino Charge site located approximately 500km North of Nairobi, and barely 5km off the newly tarmacked Isiolo-Marsabit-Moyale highway.

The main objective of Rhino Charge is to helps profile tourism and conservation potential of the host conservancy. Like other previous host communities, the Rendille of Marsabit Mountain are to benefit greatly for providing access to their conservancy as it has become a standing practice wherever the motorsport fundraising event is held.

Songa Community Conservancy is one of three new conservancies in Marsabit, along with Jaldesa and Shurr community conservancies. This triangular shaped Conservancy is bordered by Jaldesa and Shurr conservancies, as well as Marsabit National Park. As such, it forms an important puzzle piece for established wildlife migration routes for descendants of Ahmed, the legendary elephant whose remains are preserved at the National Museums of Kenya in Nairobi. Wildlife species found in the conservancy include elephant, greater kudu, Grevy’s zebra, giraffe and numerous bird species.

Event Benefit’s.

The fee collected from the vehicle entry (also known as Landowners Access Fee) paid by all vehicles entering the Venue will go towards supporting community projects in the conservancy. These projects may include building of school infrastructure, water projects,improvememt of security through conservacy rangers and management of the conservancy.

2016 Rhino Charge.

Namunyak Conservancy), Samburu County, and Ol Ongaianiet, Narok County,immersly benefitted from last years’ Rhino Charge event

where, KES 4.2 million and KES 4.8 million, were given to the host communities in Kalepo,Apart from Free medical services.

This year’s event is being promoted by Brand Kenya as a home-grown national initiative to address conservation challenges facing the country’s mountain forests.