Photo: Adan Chukulisa Addressing residents of Marsabit County during Jamhuri Day Celebrations at Marsabit Stadium.
Residents of Dub Goba in Sagante Location are complained that they have been ignored for long in public dialogue on development projects matters.
They said their views are overridden by political leaders whom they claimed ignored their numerous proposals. They accused their county representative Adan Chukulisa accusing him of deprivation and discrimination and failing to involve them in developmental matters.
They claim that the recent water tank project by the County Government is one of the projects that have been plagued by corruption of the highest order orchestrated by their ward representative Chukulisa.
Speaking to Radio Jangwani today in the morning villagers said all they want is justice, fairness and transparency on developmental matters.
In addition, they accused Marsabit county government for failing to accord them equal opportunity in recruitment and allocations of county government contracts.
Ware Kanu, who represents women in the area, said women are struggling a lot to get water and have called on Department of Water in the County to speed up the process of allocations of tanks.
We’ve been ignored for so long and I think it’s time now we are saying enough is enough. Our people are suffering greatly and we fail to understand because our leaders who should help us have turned their backs on us. We request urgent action to be taken to resolve many problems facing the residents of this area,” she said.
She further complained about road construction project from Dub Goba via the Sagante up to Kubi Qallo which have been suspended due to corruption allegations that have afflicted the construction activity despite Ksh. 10 million allocated for its construction.