Photo: Qabale Duba,During the recent activity of Pants and Pads in Hulahula,Marsabit County.
From 25 November to 10 December world marked the international week for eradicating violence against women.
The 16 day of activism against gender based violence aims to initiate action to end violence against women and girls around the world.
In Marsabit County the founder of Qabale Duba Foundation,Qabale Duba aim to intensify sensitization in the region through creating awareness on the reasons why gender based violence is critical issue among nomadic women and girls. 
Speaking to Radio Jangwani journalist, Qabale said that there’s a lot to be addressed on gender equality so as to end gender-based violence and also empower women.
To mark the day Qabale Duba Foundation will organize football tournament for women and men in the region.
The soccer tournament will be held at Marsabit County Stadium on 10 December. 
“One of the major challenges towards efforts to prevent and end violence against women and girls in the region is the substantial funding shortfall.” says Qabale.
Every two minutes someone is sexually assaulted, Moreover, women of colour, immigrant women, transgender women, women with disabilities, and other people with multiple marginalised identities are even in greater risk of gender-based violence and face increased barriers to safety.
“Say No – Unite to End Violence against women’’ theme of this year.