File Photo: Baby Elephant Killed by Poachers.
An elephant was found dead at Marsabit National Park on Tuesday.
According to Mr Peter Lekeren, the Warden in-charge, the poachers killed a two-year-old elephant, cut off its tail and ears before they disappeared.
The suspects, believed to be from neighboring Ethiopia  managed to escape after executing the killing.
He said they heard gunshots from Kubiqallo area at night, and officers were dispatched immediately to the area where they found carcass of the two-year-old elephant.
The of KWS Rangers are still pursuing the poachers so as to bring suspect to book.
Recently Five men have been convicted at Marsabit Law Court after found guilty for killing an elephants at Marsabit National Park earlier this year.
One of them was jailed 34 years while the other 4 would serve 20 years jail term each.