PICTURE: A herder holding AK-47  (picture courtesy)

Two people have been killed and seven others seriously injured in Sarima village, Loiyangalani, Marsabit County.
Marsabit County commissioner Gilbert Kitiyo confirmed that the two who were killed are cattle rustlers from the neighboring Samburu County. The bandits are said to have ambushed the village but they were over powered by the locals forcing them to escape.
The Kenya police and GSU officers have been deployed to launch a chase for the bandits who are said to have escaped towards Illaut and Ngurunit. The officers who are equipped with a Kenya Police helicopter due to the hilly terrain are working to bring these bandits to book.
“As at now we have not recorded any theft of livestock,” said Mr. Kitiyo as he confirmed the attacks.
Unknown source says that there are more deaths on both side unreported.
This comes barely two days after the county marked the 12th anniversary of a fatal plane crash that claimed the lives of four lawmakers and other leaders who were on a peace mission.