Here are some of the facts about Rendille people. People described by Google as “holders of the stick of God”

  1. Rendille lead a nomad way of live. They occupy Laisamis Constituency, Marsabit county

  2. Visually Rendille resemble other Cushitic groups with their fine facial features

  3. Rendille speak Afro-asiatic language. The original Rendille language is related to Somali language

  4. Many Rendille now speak Samburu language. The Ariaal section of Rendille speak only Samburu

  5. Camel is very important for the Rendille. It’s their many source of food and mean of transport during migration.

  6. Majority of Rendille still practice traditional religious practices, although a number are Muslims and Christians.

  7. Rendille people practice circumcision for men and women.

  8. Culturally Rendille are closet to Gabbra, who practice similar ceremonies to the Rendille. Eg both Gabbra and Rendille practice Sorio – Passover for the Jews and Israelites.

  9. In Rendille one’s identity is strongly based on the clan

  10. Rendille follow an age-set system, with circumcision done after every 15 year for men.