Photo: Marsabit County governor Ukur Yattani(On top of the car in the middle),Moyale MP Roba Duba(Far right) and Joseph Lekuton Mp Laisamis and Chachu Ganya,Mp North Horr(Left on top of the car)
The mystery surrounding Sh2.4B Badassa dam a project has got a new wave after President Kenyatta tour of Marsabit County on sensitization of residents to go and register as voters.
The statement by the Uhuru Kenyatta spark political heat in the town as the opposition team led by Seneta of Marsabit County Godana Haruguru claimed and accused Governor Ukur Yattani of misleading the President for political gain.
Speaking at a joint rally in Marsabit town the opposition leaders vowed to send home Governor Ukur Yattani saying his government no longer represents county interests.
President Uhuru pointed out during the rally in Marsabit town that the electorate should elect leaders who will uplift their lives by initiating development and not those who orchestrate divisive politics.
The leaders said the County residents have had enough and all they want now is change that will bring much needed development.
About Jubilee factions that have emerged in the county, the leaders said the Governor should keep off the Jubilee affairs and that the interim officials they (opposition) elected led by Umuro Roba Godana is the legit officials.
The county office is made up of 19 officials picked through consensus and in line with the constitution.
 Interim officials and aspirants for various seats are still haggling over the positions each saying they are the group recognized at the party headquarters in Nairobi.
Abshiro said that tomorrow on 28 January they will provide the full list of all those who will flew the Jubilee flag for various positions.
“We will take this government home very early since we’re ready than never” Says Abshiro.
Senator Hargura Godana said they had not yet decided whether they will support President Uhuru Kenyatta or the opposition CORD coalition during the coming elections.
On his part, Sakuu Mp Dido Rasso said their officials are the only ones recognized by Jubilee party headquarters and condemned Marsabit County Government over what he termed shoddy work being done by the government.
Sakuu Mp Ali Rasso said most of the contracts given in Marsabit are done in shoddy way and nothing was done by county government.
In his speech Uhuru Kenyatta Promise to revive the project by pumping 0ver 1b Ksh and he issued a stern warning to constructor.
“We don’t want to politicize this project that has taken long because .We will set  aside Sh1billion to complete the project to ensure that Marsabit town residents and its environs get water ,’’ said the Head of State.
According to the leaders the contractor in question Mohammed Chute should not be blamed for the millions misappropriated but that the engineers should bear the full responsibility for the shoddy job.
In March 20, 2008,Midrock Water Drilling Company was awarded the tender to construct the dam.
Runji and Partners, Consulting Engineers Ltd were awarded the contract to undertake design and construction of the Badassa dam by NWCPC on December 18, 2008.
The contract was signed on January 23, 2009 and construction was expected to be completed by 2011(30 months).
Up to now the case is still in court as residents of Marsabit County suffers acute water shortage and severe drought.