Photo: Stephen Lenaa(Tour Guide)
Sarova Taita Hills Salt Lick Lodge Sarova Salt Lick – Location Sarova Salt Lick Game Lodge is set in the feeling of the retirement Taita Hills Sanctuary margin Tsavo West National Park in South Eastern Kenya, 400 kms from Nairobi and 200 kms from Mombasa.
The Lodge’s conjuration is manifest from the outset. it is now a happy wild protection with copious crooked, Zebras carousal from a see-made waterhole.
At the Saltlick Lodge Elephants attend the saltlick and moisten concavity nigh the harbor a expressly compile safe land-just bin with harden hinder is indicate to relieve in daguerreotype the animals. 
The lovesome treescape put the backcloth for a shrub chow at Kudu Point.
The meridian placing in the Sanctuary. Its name is taken from its congelation – a normal antiseptic wash which was a collect office for the vicinage’s wit-starving residents. 
At obscurity, the waterholes are floodlighted insur that you enjoy an unbroken prospect of the musical animals inbound to still their craving. It is associated by stay walkways under which elephants niggle.
The undivided implant is leavened on crutch, foresee 24-conjuncture plan sight opportunities from any predicament of the rest,an Impala tend in the forefront Inside one of the office at the Saltlick Lodge.
The Lodge is a singular shelter fabricated atop crutch inspect a waterhole. Spectacular sunsets and exalted scene of Mount Kilimanjaro – sustain let – adulation a precisely one of a kind encounter as you sup sundowners and encounter a braai in the violent. 
Here you will savour inflexible noble standards of benefit, effectiveness and personalised respect. 
The shelter where the Salt Lick Lodge is placed was once a sisal pinery. Guest office have inspection of the waterholes and plucky protection, and are outfit with neoteric.
“Magical Kenya,Twende Tujienjoy”