Photo: Steve Lenaa dressed in a traditional attires.
An ornithologist versed in knowledge on Africa’s Birds Species and one of the most passionate guides in Kenya’s Tourism Industry.
Steve grew up in Northern Kenya, Marsabit, and vast arid lands rich in flora and fauna and an environment where wild animals and natives roamed freely.
Adventure beyond experience tour with Steve is just like a game drive classroom amazingly you will learn bird’s biology as well as catch a glimpse of the craziest wildlife in their natural habitat.
Amazing story teller of all times around campfire, rich in knowledge of the Africa’s cultures and traditions, He also loves photography.
His favorite animal is the cheetah.
“Despite its’ wild nature, the cheetah can be very friendly as well of course being very fast, elegant and skillful”
Like all true professionals he appears relaxed, yet all his senses remain on high alert, suddenly breaking off a conversation to point out a bird in a tree or the flick of an ear in the long grass.
Here, whether you are zooming lenses to capture ancient African eagle on top of acacia, star-gazing in the clear African skies or trailing up on a herd of elephants, a walk with Steve is a revelation.
There is so much more to the bush than what you read about or see on wildlife documentaries,” he says. 
“My job as a guide and wildlife enthusiast is to introduce you to its wonders.”
Such expertise adventure doesn’t come cheap. Seeing Africa through the eyes of a top-Kenyan guide undoubtedly costs more than your average package safari, but the rewards are well worth it,here is my pick of the very best, based on personal experience.