Photo: Marsabit County Scholarship Fund Selection Commitee in a meeting.
Over 600 needy students from various part of Marsabit county will benefit from County Scholarship after waiting for long.
Students  from four Sub Counties;(Laisamis, Moyale, Saku and North-Horr) of Marsabit as per wards within Marsabit are as follow: Loiyangani (20),Laisamis (20),Korr/Ngurnit(20),Loglogo(11),Kargi(19); Sololo (23),Uran(18),Obbu (8),Golbo(28),Moyale Township (66),Butiye(35), Heillu(5); Marsabit Township (94),Karare(25),Jaldesa(63); Turbi (39),North-Horr (34),Maikona (45),Dukana(28) and Illeret (18).
After consultative meeting held by chairs representing  four Sub Counties of Marsabit, together with Marsabit County Scholarship Fund Selection Committee chairperson (Dominic Dabalen), fund manager (Emanual Bongole Chorodo) and Education Chief Officer (Mary Amina) on Wednesday, a  final verification of the County Scholarship Fund to the 663 professional courses applicants was reached . 
Through the county assembly Ksh.  43,650,000 were allocated to county scholarship fund to be given to most needy and brilliants students.
The chairs of four Sub Counties include; Ibrahim Gere(Saku), Mohammed Ibrahim Shire(Moyale), Stephen Basele (Laisamis) and Haro Guyo Godana (North Horr). 
Breakdown applicants as per Sub Counties, Laisamis (90),Moyale (228),Saku(182) and North-Horr 163).
The main objective of the Scholarship Fund is to bridge the gap in critical profession like teaching, medical and engineering.
Marsabit County Govenor Amb.Ukur Yattani signed the scholarship fund bill last years.