Photo: Guracha Adi,CEC Finance Marsabit County.
County Governments largely depends on revenue collection as part of realization of devolution and sustainable development.
Marsabit County is leader in revenue collection sector in upper eastern and this has improved significantly since its inception.
From the records Marsabit County Council generated Ksh 46 Million from revenue in the main two major towns in the county that’s Moyale and Marsabit Township.
The trend started rising rapidly soon after the Marsabit County Government took the centre stage after deploying smart strategies on this critical sector in Kenya’s Economy.
Speaking to Radio Jangwani Reporter in his Office County CEC for Finance Guracha Adi shares the outcomes of revenue collection for the 2015/16 fiscal year, Guracha said the overall revenue collected by the county government was Ksh. 112,044,704.
This is 12, 895,439 more than the final estimate in the 2014-2015 sum collected where the county government managed to collect Ksh 99,149,265.
“The strength of our government finances is well illustrated by our past performance, including what we are announcing today.
“We have proven our ability to take tough decisions to promote service delivery while safe-guarding fiscal sustainability,” Says Guracha.
Livestock sector is the main sector that key in revenue allocation in the county followed by agricultural produce that’s only in Mount Marsabit arable part in the region.
Mr. Guracha further elaborated that the increase in revenue from the tax has speed up the development sector in Marsabit County without relying much on national treasury allocation.
“We have done much so far. We are transforming the system to also broaden revenue base and our focus is to modernizing method of taxation by using technology that will allow wananchi to pay taxes through the digital platforms.”  
Marsabit County is one of the vast regions in the county and to effectively manage revenue collection is tough undertaking since the region isn’t widely open up and infrastructures like roads and communication pose a serious challenge.
“The challenge we face now is that the former Council did not improve their records so it’s really hard to follow up on those who don’t care to pay on time and by creating digital revenue collection it will enhance accountability” he said 
Guracha said that county government will establish methods to charge fees on plots of land, properties, car parking lots, markets and shops which are critical areas in revenue collection that County government is yet to venture.
The commission on revenue allocation earlier last year rated Marsabit County the best in revenue collection.