Photo:A middle age man struggle to give water to its camel in Badarero,Marsabit County.(Photo Courtesy)
Marsabit county is among 10 counties hit hardest by the drought in Kenya and beyond. 

Photo: A man carries water home that’s 3Kms Away.
More than 10 people reported to succumb to death due to starvation,thousands of livestock lost and inter-community fighting at neighbouring counties as pastoralists push further on their search for increasingly limited water and pastures.
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Photo: A group of men scooping water with buckets to quench the thirsty camels,Badarero,Marsabit County,Kenya.

Photo: A dead sheep laying on the ground,Badarero,Marsabit County,Kenya.

Photo: A flock of goats and sheep after taking water on the dam,Badarero,Marsabit County,Kenya.