Lake Magadi is about 30km further south of Olorgesailie and located at the base of the Rift Valley is Lake Magadi; approximately 100 square kilometers in size, which lies in a graven. 
The lake is recharged mainly by saline hot springs (temperatures up to about 83°C) that discharge into alkaline “lagoons” around the lake margins, there being little surface runoff in this arid region. Most hot springs lie along the north-western and southern shorelines of the lake.
some of the major attractions in Lake Magadi Include

HOTSPRINGS BATH; The hot springs serve as a key attraction to many visitors to Magadi. This is a natural basin curved depression on the ground with bubbling hot waters. The water is believed to have medicinal value to the skin curing ailments such as skin rushes, pimples and acne, dry skin conditions and also helps in strengthening the bones in the body. A late evening or early morning bath is a thrilling massage-like, best experience one can have. (During the day it can be too hot with the overhead sun) 

BIRD WATCHING;The lake is endowed with a number of bird species such as flamingoes, water ducks, pelicans, white stalk, marabou stalk, black smith pullover, eared avocets, black wing stilt among many other…During the rainy season, the lake received thousands of flamingoes from the breeding grounds of Lake Natron which is close by.

CULTURAL MAASAI BOMA VISITS: On request, tourists can visit local traditional Maasai bomas commonly known as manyattas: the visit has to be organized early in the morning or in the evening when the cattle’s and goats are in the homestead. You can have an opportunity to learn about the lifestyle of the community, their beliefs and also participate in the milking of the goats and cows. Breakfast or dinner can be organized in the cultural bomas.

NIGHT BONFIRE WITH NYAMA CHOMA; This can be organized for visitors on an overnight safari. Visitors would be entertained by traditional Maasai dance and music by the warriors as they enjoy the mouthwatering nyama choma prepared in traditional style. On request, tourists can participate in slaughtering and roasting the meat the traditional way.

TREKKING AND HIKING-LANDSCAPE VIEWING; On an overnight safari, hiking can be planned on the northern part of the lake – little lake Magadi. Little lake Magadi is a detached small lake from the main lake with an island in the centre. This area is pristine and the landscape is just so beautiful. Tourists would trek and hike around the lake identifying the different bird species, the eggs on the ground and to the northern hot springs for egg boiling. The waters here are too hot to touch. In most occasions, tourists would sit around the rocks for a steam bath which massages your body and bones. Remember, the area is humid and hot: wear closed rubber shoes and have enough drinking water.

GAME DRIVES; Lake Magadi has a number of wild animals to see: most common wildlife includes the giraffe, wildebeest, zebras, antelopes and gerenuk. Other animals can also be seen at specific times of the early morning and late evening around the lake and in the conservancy – this includes hyenas, lions, buffalos and elephants. This is because the temperatures during the day are so high and some of these animals go in hiding to escape the heat. You need to plan in advance with tour guides to be able to see them. Night game drive is also possible to see the nocturnal animals.