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​LAKE MAGADI DAY TRIP,Magical Kenya,Travels#2016 

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Some 30km further south of Olorgesailie and located at the base of the Rift Valley is Lake Magadi; approximately 100 square kilometres in size, which lies in a graven. 
The lake is recharged mainly by saline hot springs (temperatures up to about 83°C) that discharge into alkaline “lagoons” around the lake margins, there being little surface runoff in this arid region. Most hot springs lie along the north-western and southern shorelines of the lake.
Major Attractions
-Museum and site
-Bubbling hot springs
-Bird watching
-Rich culture of the Masai
-Stunning landscapes of Lake Magadi comprising wonderful colors of its soda water, and pink flocks of flamingoes. 
-Lake magadi changes its color from brilliant white to cerise pink, cobalt, indigo, deep scarlet and soft pastels, according to changes in the light.

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