Photo: Victim of the banditry attack ferried to the ambulance in Marsabit Refferal Hospital.

Security has been beefed up in Darate in marsabit County after a man was attacked by unknown people while herding around Alie Bay region.
The herder was shot several times but survived the ambush and after rescued by KWS ranger he was rushed to Loyangalani Catholic dispensary.
Later the victim was ferried by a ambulance to Marsabit Refferal Hospital for the surgery to remove the two bullet lodged in his body and the bullet were succesiful removed by doctors.
After surgery that lasted for hours the victim was reffered meru hospital for specialized treatment due to the complications.
 Security officers continue searching for the gang that was involved in the attack inside the park.
According to member of county assembly of Illeret Mark Ekale, the attack was carried by local communities that were all looking for water and pastures for their animals.
Ekale has appealed to local leaders from turkana and dasnach communities to convene an emergency meeting in order to curb the situation that seems not to end soon.
“My plea is to area chiefs to address the security issues in order to avoid resource based conflict in future” Says Ekale.
Speaking to Radio Jangwani via phone Ekale has confirmed that the victim was shot and the security has been deployed to cool the situation.