Photo: Kiwanja Ndege Parents on demostration with their       children in Marsabit Town.
The month of January started in bad note for the parents of Kiwanja Ndege Primary School in Marsabit County after their young ones missed class one entry.
Today the parents of 28 Nursey School Pupils accompanied with their children held a demonstration in Marsabit town to raise their voices after their children lock out of Class One entry by the School Management.
Parents who are full of fury managed to present their grievance to education in Marsabit County after talks between them and the Head teacher bore no fruit.
“Where can we take our children, they successfully completed their ECD Class in Kiwanja Ndege Primary, We are Stressed as Parents.”
According to the parents the school management is not willing to initiate an option for their children instead ignore their crises.
Our reporter Mario Kuraki visited the school on a fact finding mission to get some insight from the head teacher.
Upon reaching Kiwanja Ndege Primary School he encountered another group of parents stranded all over the compound still negotiating with the school management to give their children entry to Class one.
Roba Qampare Head Teacher Kiwanja Ndege Primary School  welcomed a team a journalist to his office and started narrating what transpired on 28 ECD pupils who can’t get class one enrolment.
According to Mr.Qampare the school management held a talk with the parents last year on the fate of their children and both parties agreed on selection criteria to be used.
On their talk the parties discussed on the challenge school is facing that’s way it can’t take all 147 Pupils graduating from Kiwanja Ndege Nursery.
Kiwanja Ndege Primary School sit on 3Acre Land at the outskirts of Marsabit town and maintaining high enrolled has always been a challenge according to the Head Teacher.
Among the 147 Pupils school management decides to take 72 pupils to proceed to class in Kiwanja Ndege Primary this year, where 28 were referred to other schools for transfers in the neighbourhood.
“I’m not denying these pupils to continue their studies in my school, our resource is over stretched, we lack basic requirements like chairs and class one room can’t accommodate 147 Pupils”
The head Teacher urged the relevant authorities to intervene and assist solve the problem because he’s getting sleeplessness nights from parents.