Photo: Women Enterprise Fund,Chair Mumina Bonaya,giving out a cheque to a women group in Moyale,Marsabit County.
At least 6000 women in Marsabit County have benefited from women enterprise fund to start their own businesses across the region.
Speaking to members of press the chairperson affirmed that WEF by January 2017 disbursement was the highest in amount and up to Sh37.1 million since the inception of WEF and a total of 6, 571 beneficiaries.
 “A total of Sh12.1 million has been released to women groups at Laisamis, North Horr, Moyale and Saku constituencies, all of Marsabit County this January. Their repayment rate stands at 81 percent ,” she said
During her visit 107 women groups in the county have obtained funds from the WEF so as to start their own business as one of the way of women empowerment.
 “The disbursement in the Northern region is owed to deliberate interventions undertaken by WEF to address challenges that continue to affect loan uptake in the region,” added Ms Mumina.
Mumina urges that the loans will be of help during drought period hence stabalise their standards of living adding that they will increase the rate of loans in the next financial year.
“We have trained our officers to equip women with skills on how to start business and record keeping and to also to encourage women to be self reliance,” said Ms Mumina.
Women who benefitted from WEF loans gave their testimonies on how the loan has transformed their lives and livelihood.
The Chair Person also urged the residents of Moyale town to register as voters so as to elect good leaders in the coming election after she visited one of the registration centres.